Providing Cost Effective Security Solutions

T.L.C. Safe Watch, your professional and experienced security choice for protecting your children, home, and business. If it’s important to you, we are here to help you protect it! We work with clients all across North Carolina helping them with their security needs.

We start every project with a discussion and a detailed analysis about your security needs, so we can develop a strategy that is perfect for your situation. Some clients have large-scale, extensive needs, while others only need basic services. Whether you fit one of those two client types or you rest somewhere in the middle, we promise to do our best to fully satisfy you by providing honest fair and dependable, hard-working service and support.

We would love to discuss all of the option that we can provide for you. Feel free to give us a call anytime 24/7 and one of our specialist will be happy to help you!!
With custom installation, whatever your needs are we will accommodate them!!!